Welcome to Silvermist

It is amazing of how fast they grow! They are doing extremely well with their training and love to be with everyone in their sight. Katie, we absolutely love our dear fur children! They are the best thing that has ever happened to us. Thank you!

-Matthew, Faith, Lucky, and Luke

I hope all is going well for you and your family. Liberty has graduated intermediate classes and continues to amaze us each day with her unconditional love for her new sister Autumn. We feel blessed to have her as part of our family and couldn't be any happier with our choice of Silvermist Labs. It's unbelievable that she is already a year old. I've attached a few pictures of our puppy princess. Take care!

-Phillip, Danielle, Autumn, and Liberty

Update from the Kirkpatrick family...

Hope all is well! We celebrated Duke’s FIRST birthday yesterday! Can’t hardly believe he is already a year old…crazy how quickly time flies! Just wanted to send a couple of pictures of him in our engagement pictures and also one from his birthday party this weekend. Duke really is just the most handsome dog ever! We often discuss a brother or sister for Duke so maybe in a couple of years we’ll be back out to Missouri to pick up our second pup! We love looking at all of the pictures online, the puppies are just so cute!

-Sam, Mischia, and Duke

Congratulations Sam and Mischia!

Updates from the Markus family...

Liberty is growing like a weed. I attached a couple of updated pictures of her. She is doing well with obedience school, she graduated the puppy class and is currently enrolled in intermediate. She is such a happy girl and is definitely a family favorite with all the nieces and nephews. And we couldn't be happier that she will be a big sister come September. I know she will do great after seeing her interact with all the neighbor kids and family.

-Phillip, Danielle, Liberty, and new Baby Markus

We are just in love with him. He went to our vet yesterday and got a clean bill of health :) We decided to keep the name Finn because it just suited him so well. He is quite the little explorer. He has already found our pond and he is quite intrigued by the catfish...it won't be long and he is going to be jumping in after them. I attached some pictures of him and I'll keep you posted on all of our adventures with him.  I can't thank you enough for him and I promise he will be loved and cared for :)

-The Schneider family and Finn

We were very impressed with Silvermist. You and your family were very friendly and great with the pups. Gracie and Angus were the best-natured dogs I've seen in a long time. I already see a lot of Gracie in our charcoal lab, Diamond. We love both of our new pups, and we are so glad we chose Silvermist. We highly recommend Silvermist if you want a great-natured and very smart Lab.

-Mike Wells and Drake and Diamond

Riley is growing so fast and she is learning how to shake and heel. She already knows sit, come, and stay and of course she confuses her name with "Riley NO" LOL. She loves to chew and her favorite toy is a purple pig that oinks when she bites it. She is such a water baby that I can't turn on the hose without her getting in the way. We had to buy her a kiddie pool to satisfy her urges to swim and romp in the water! We love Riley! Thank you!!!

-Michelle and Andre Paggeot and Riley

Right now Tess is sacked out in the laundry room. It is amazing she slept all night in her crate without a peep. She did not even mess in it, amazing! She has had a good day with Grant! She seems to love being outside more than inside. She always goes to the door to go out. Grant is fooled into thinking all puppies come this well trained. We are lucky to have such a good dog. She already retrieves and walks with a leash! She will be a great dog for Grant.

-The Rinehart Family and Tess

I hope all is going well for you and your family. I just wanted to update you on Liberty's (Daphne) progress and let you know we couldn't be happier with her. She has started obedience school this weekend and is catching on quickly. To say the least she is spoiled rotten beyond belief and the attached pictures should characterize that.... She loves to play fetch and walks wonderfully on a leash and is one of the best snugglers. She has become a treasured family member and everyone she meets falls in love with her. Thank you for all you help in choosing our beautiful little girl. Take care and hope your year is safe and bountiful!

-Phillip, Danielle & Liberty

Hope you and your family are doing well! I just wanted to send an update on Yadi (Emily). She is growing like a weed - every morning we wake up she's gotten bigger :) She is very smart, potty trained with bells, can sit and shake and and we are working on laying. She loves her kennel which surprised us. We went to the vet today and she now weighs 19 lbs - double the size she was when we took her home! She is a wonderful puppy and and we can't thank you all enough!  

-Logan and Hana Lawson

I can't say enough about how wonderful Katie and her family are. I got to meet my new little buddy today, he is chubby and healthy and wonderful. Their facilities are clean and top notch, and their dogs are amazing!

-Matthew, Lori, and Hunter

Congratulations on the new litter. We are so, so, happy with our MaeB (formally known as Bailey). She is very healthy, smart and we love her to pieces. I couldn't be happier that we found Silvermist Labs.

-Angie Lochridge and Call Me MaeB

Katie, I want to say thank you to you and Silvermist Labrador Retrievers for our new puppy Bear (aka Ely). He is simply terrific. We adore him. He is very smart and loving and friendly and mellow he just has a terrific temperament and we have 4 children and that’s a lot for a new puppy to deal with and he has been wonderful. I am so glad that we took this leap of getting a new puppy because we couldn’t have asked for a better experience from you and Silvermist and our new puppy. I wouldn’t hesitate in telling anyone who wants an outstanding Labrador and dealings with a breeder to go to Silvermist and you. You are top notch and my family and I are thrilled. I love how you kept us in the loop about all things puppy.

-Erika Jennerjohn

Bailey is wonderful. She is getting big fast. She is not a puppy anymore. She has the prettiest silver/gray coat and her ears are a light silver.  We could not be happier and she is great with our kids! She love Bryce's bean bag chair, she sleeps in it every night. Thank you again!

-The Mayberry Family and Bailey

Silvermist not only met, but exceeded our expectations as a reputable breeder. When we initially began our quest to find the perfect Lab, we considered multiple options. After corresponding with Katie on several occasions, we knew we had found the perfect place! Katie kept us up-to-date on the progress our puppy was making, and also provided us with weekly photos of the puppies so we were able to see how much they were growing. It truly is unbelievable how much they change each week and it is rare to find a place like Silvermist that documents that growth. After eight weeks of extreme anticipation we were finally able to make the trip down to Missouri to pick up our new Chocolate Lab, “Duke.” Katie gave us a tour of the farm where our pup was raised and allowed us to meet Duke’s parents! We fall in love with our puppy more and more each day. We truly believe that Duke’s ability to learn so quickly is a direct reflection of Silvermist’s dedication to raising smart, happy, and beautiful Labradors. If you are considering purchasing a new dog, we would strongly recommend giving Silvermist a great deal of consideration.

-Sam Kirkpatrick, Mischia Brown and Duke “Angus” Kirkpatrick

What families are saying about Silvermist...

Site updated: 7/17/20

We hope all is well! We just wanted to drop a quick update for you! Lambeau (Hemi) is doing amazing and is our little joy! He's already weighing in at 18 pounds.....he's gonna be a big boy! He is almost potty trained, he knows how to sit and stay! He loves going for hikes, playing fetch and eating socks lol. He is the cutest and sweetest boy! And he is so loved!!!

-Allie, Dakotah, and Lambeau

Just wanted to give you (and your sweet daughter, who obviously adored Henry) an update. We renamed him Tucker within a few miles of leaving your home, and he did great on the long ride back to our house. The girls were so surprised, and it's safe to say he gets LOTS of love every day.

He eats 2 cups a day, and has been trained to sit, and ring a bell if he needs to go out. (Though, he likes to ring it just to play outside too!) He still loves his crate, and has started to bark more. Yes, he loves shoes, throw rugs, and bottoms of cabinet doors, so we have to watch him closely. But he also loves to snuggle...I sent a couple pics of our oldest with him. I can tell he's getting heavier...he won't be a lap dog for long! He gets so excited to go to the bus stop every day...all the kids crowd to one side of the bus to see him. I think it's safe to say he's happy, and so are we!

P.S. I gave your name to someone in my neighborhood who is looking to get a puppy.

-The Larson Family