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Frequently asked questions

How do I know my Silvermist puppy will be healthy?

All Silvermist Labrador parents are OFA, EIC, DM, and CNM tested, coat color typed, and DNA certified.

Your Silvermist puppy comes to you in the best of health to our knowledge. Your puppy has received routine care from a licensed veterinarian since birth. Dewclaws will be removed at two to three days old. Your pup will be wormed beginning at 3 weeks and as directed by our vet thereafter. The first round of puppy vaccines will be administered at 5 weeks, and every two to three weeks thereafter until pick up or delivery. Our vet will perform a standard health exam before the pick-up or delivery of your pup. After pick-up or delivery, you must have the puppy vetted within three business days (excluding holidays). Silvermist Labradors does not offer cash refunds of any kind. This health guarantee is for a replacement pup only, and applies only to life-threatening genetic diseases within one year of the date of birth. The replacement is limited to a pup of the same color and gender from the next available litter. Written notification submitted directly to Silvermist Labradors from your veterinarian is required. We reserve the right to have the puppy returned for examination by our veterinarian.

Buyers must read and sign our Sales and Health Agreement at the time of pick-up or delivery.

How do I register my puppy?

You must register your puppy with the American Kennel Club (AKC) by four months of age. This paperwork will be included in your Puppy Folder. Registration can also be completed online through the AKC's website at We also encourage the use of "Silvermist" as a prefix or suffix in your puppy's AKC registered name.

When can I visit Silvermist?

We welcome visitation appointments at our discretion. We love visitors! However, our priority is the physical health of our puppies and adult dogs. For this reason, visits will be limited to times when there are NO puppies in residence. Between litters, we will be happy to welcome you, but please note that there is NO access to the dogs' living quarters. Guests are welcome to meet all of our dogs, but to prevent the introduction of illness from outside sources, we will bring the parents and/or puppies to meet you in a separate area. This includes puppy selection visits. If you are coming to Silvermist to pick your puppy in person, we will bring the appropriate color/gender puppies to a designated visitation area. No access will be granted to the whelping kennels. Thank you for your understanding and help in protecting our babies.

When do I get to choose my puppy, and how does the selection process work?

Puppy selection usually begins at 4 to 5 weeks of age. By that time, we have a good sense of each puppy's personality, which is the most important factor when choosing your family's new companion. Each little one has his or her own unique temperament. While we welcome anybody to choose their pup in person, we know that's not always possible. To help you make your choice, we provide extra photos, videos, and a short description of each puppy's personality. We can also help guide you to the right puppy, and we take pride in making a perfect match.

When can my puppy come home?

We encourage you to pick up your new puppy here at Silvermist! You can visit with his or her parents and get a better sense of your puppy's heritage. Pups are released at 6-7 weeks if you are picking them up. However, as we know this is not always an option, we offer delivery or shipping after 8 weeks. If we meet you for pickup, a mileage fee will be added. When shipping, your pup can fly - after 8 weeks of age - from the Springfield-Branson National Airport to anywhere in the U.S. Shipping costs are usually around $400, but could be more depending on your location, and are to be paid by the buyer. This includes a new crate, health certificate, vet examination, ticket, and vaccinations. Every attempt will be made to ship on schedule, but please keep Mother Nature in mind when dealing with the weather extremes of summer or winter.

What kind of food do the puppies eat?

Many of our puppy parents ask about feeding their new family member. Silvermist feeds all of our adults and puppies Diamond Naturals brand dog food. The adults eat Diamond Naturals Large Breed Adult Lamb and Rice, and the puppies eat Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy. All puppies will come home with a sample of their food and detailed feeding guidelines.