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At Silvermist we know that color is just the most visible part of a Labrador, and we love every color of Lab! We believe the most important factors when choosing a new dog should be health, temperament, and good breeding.

About us

We have been devoted to Labradors for almost 20 years, and we feel a house is not a home without a Lab. After years of having Labs strictly as pets, we decided it was time to start our own breeding program so more people can enjoy this wonderful breed.

Our dogs are first and foremost family pets. With only a few adults, each dog receives individual attention every single day. Silvermist puppies are also some of the most well-socialized pups you will find because they are handled daily by our two "experts" - young daughters Sydney and Sophie. The dogs are completely devoted to the girls, and they never tire of playing fetch with a squeaky ball.

Silvermist Labradors is located on 3M Angus Farms, a 500+ acre cattle ranch specializing in registered Black Angus. The dogs have the run of five acres during the day, and they all enjoy swimming in the lake behind our house.