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Rachael and Hershey are the best of friends.

Remington is enjoying the great outdoors with her foster family.

At Silvermist Labrador Retrievers, our number one priority is the health and happiness of our dogs, which is why we created the Permanent Foster Program. This program is designed to offer our up-and-coming puppies and adult dogs the best of both worlds - love and attention from a family of their very own, and the chance to become a mom or dad. You can help a foster dog live up to his or her potential, whether that might be in the show ring or in training for specialized types of work.

Fostered dogs live with their families most of the time, but return to Silvermist for breeding during an agreed-upon period of time. Each foster contract is a little different, since each puppy and each situation is a little different. Females are generally needed back for a certain number of litters, while males are generally needed for a set amount of time.

There are many benefits to owning a foster dog, including no up-front purchase cost to bring home a Labrador of great breeding and temperament. We also offer our Foster Families many other perks including free boarding if you have to be away, a per-litter financial bonus, and much more! When these dogs retire completely from our breeding program, they remain with their families for the rest of their lives.

Starting Fall 2014, Silvermist will have several puppies ready to place with foster families in a variety of colors and genders. Foster puppies are available for pick up at 8 weeks, just like a regular Silvermist puppy. We will also have several older/adult dogs to choose from, if the thought of a puppy is a little overwhelming.

For more information and a sample Foster Program contract, contact Silvermist today!

Introducing the Permanent Foster Program

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