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Welcome to Silvermist

When Oaklee and Duke's 2018 litter produced one sweet little black male, we knew he was meant to stay here at Silvermist. Who could resist this face?

It turned out to be a great decision, since Cash is maturing into a gorgeous, sweet-tempered boy. We know he will do great things!

Cash is clear of: EIC, CNM, Cystinuria, DM, and PRA-PRCD.

Coat color: EeBbDd

Winston won us all over from the start with his quiet nature and puppy snuggles. He has grown into a handsome boy with deepening fox red color, which is absolutely gorgeous. Winnie, as he is affectionately known, is truly the sweetest dog I've ever had. Always happiest when he's close, he thinks he's a 85-pound lap dog! Winston earned both his Beginner Novice obedience and Rally Novice titles at age one.

Winston also has a phenomenal pedigree and is the grandson of not one, but TWO legendary champions -  ACK GCH CH Endless Mt's Scotland Yard and CH Simerdown's Dr Pepper! With five champions in his 4-generation pedigree, we have high hopes for Winston Churchill.

Winston is clear of: EIC, CNM, Cystinuria, DM, PRA-PRCD, and RD/OSD. He is OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal. Coat color eeBBDd.

Tucker is our very own Angus' great-grandson. We are so excited to continue Angus' lines here at Silvermist with this sweet boy. With 4 champions in his 4-generation pedigree, Tucker is a great example of these legendary lines. 

Tucker might be more appropriately named "Tank," weighing in at 80 pounds at just over 18 months! He lives nearby with his forever family Brian and Kim, and their three children. 

Tucker is clear of: EIC, CNM, Cystinuria, DM, PRA-PRCD, and RD/OSD. Coat color: EebbDd.

Tucker at one year

Johnny Cash is Singing at Silvermist - "Cash"

Winston at 10 months old

Tucker at 18 months

Bubba's All Tuckered Out at Silvermist - "Tucker"

The Lavish Winston Churchill of Silvermist BN RN

Can you tell he's a bit of a goofball?

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StCrk's Grand Duke of Silvermist BN RN

Duke has a pedigree packed full of champions, including Belquest lines and champions like BISS Can Ch/Am GCh Highcaliber Labradale Expresso. He has continued this tradition of excellence by earning both his AKC Beginner Novice and AKC Rally Novice titles before age two.

He is a favorite of the girls, who call him Dukie, much to my husband's frustration. Duke is light yellow, but he is actually a dilute yellow known as champagne. What this means as a sire is that he will produce silver, charcoal, and champagne puppies when bred with a dilute female.

Duke has never met a snack he didn't gobble down! Despite all that he eats, he manages to stay slim and trim and he never gets tired when it's time to play fetch!

Duke is clear of: EIC, CNM, Cystinuria, DM, and PRA-PRCD. He is OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal. Coat color eeBbDd.