Site updated: 7/17/20

Welcome to Silvermist

Retired males

Chaney's Horizon Sunrise aka Jordan

Congratulations to Barb and Brent in Missouri who will be added Jordan to their family in March!

Update from Barb - "We love her so much! She has already learned to sit, lay down, heel, and bring in the morning paper for Brent! She loves being in the house and sleeping in our room at night."

HG's Princess Knala

Knala is enjoying retirement with Mike and Cindy in Illinois. Her job now includes mothering their grandchildren!

Muddy River's Silver Shadow

Shadow has retired following her February 2015 litter. Brad and Kelly are so excited to have her as part of their family in Illinois!

Princess Grace of Silvermist

Princess Grace was our very first silver Lab and the foundation for Silvermist Labs. Grace is now retired and living the good life with Steve and Judy and her new buddy Zeke, a Golden Retriever, right here in Willow Springs. Grace will begin advanced obedience and agility training with Judy in order to compete in dog shows. We can't wait to see her progress and will keep everyone updated as Grace begins this new and exciting chapter in her life.

Thor the Thunder God of Silvermist BN RN

Despite our high hopes for Thunder, he has been retired before beginning his career due to hips that were unsuitable for breeding. Our standards at Silvermist are high and despite his beautiful conformation and winning personality, we don't take chances on the health of our puppies! Luckily, Thunder will be able to live a normal, happy life with his new parents Tony and Dawn. They report that he has already adjusted to being a spoiled "only" child!

Sir Angus of Alcatraz

The patriarch of the Silvermist clan, Angus, has been retired in 2015. As my husband's faithful and loyal companion, Angus will enjoy the rest of his days at a family pet, running all over the farm and or (most likely) sleeping in a nice sunny spot all day.

In addition to carrying the dilute, or silver, gene, Angus has produced puppies of all colors. Angus is still 90 pounds of solid muscle! He has the thick neck and otter tail that are hallmarks of the English-style Lab, and you won't find a dog with a better temperament! Respectful and gentle, Angus charms everyone he meets. And he's definitely your guy if you want to play fetch. With bloodlines such as Blackwing, Dickendall and more, Angus is the total package!

Retired females